Stage 3 Diary from Steve Lampier
Well known for enjoying the odd local club 10 mile time trial. How would Sir Steve go up against Sir Brad?
Stage 3 Diary from Steve Lampier
Tour of Britain Stage 3 TT

I like a bit of testing if I am honest, a good 10m evening a bit of an effort with a number on your back to make you go a bit harder.

After a solid days training it is good. But time trialling beyond club ten level is a dark art. I mean whats the N1/10 to a newcomer? and beyond in the UK testing is another world!

Team Sky had the new really sexy looking (30sec faster at 40kms) bolide tt bike. They had their turbos set up with a mechanic and a helper on standby for each rider. Its clear they have really thought about it.

For UK continental pro teams such as us at Node 4, we are at a disadvantage from the get go. What I mean is they have the staff the bikes the wheels, we have some staff, used but good wheels, and 4th hand tt bikes!

Now that's not a dig, its just the way it is, we don't have enough TT's in stage races to warrant the expense.

Now before this even gets to a ahhh bless me blog it isn't !!!

I think f@#k em! lets see what slamps can do baby...

TT was savage with a head wind in every direction. It was on wet roads, twisty corners and through a safari park, no lions chasing me but was not so goody either....

Anyway, I decided to give it all I had, as well you never know... I finished, I think, a respectable 42nd @1min 56 secs to Sir Brad, who did an amazing ride to win by 37secs.

His ride was nuts! I'm now 39th on GC with 3 savage, hilly days to come. I am in a good place the best part of today was only the 8mile transfer to the hotel, which is the same as last night. That gives us some chill time, bit of internet,a  massage. I can dry my washing, sort bag and now write this blog with my kiwi team mate James Williamson  watching come dine with me, he loves naff uk tv! 
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